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A Sensational Superfood: Manuka Honey and What It Can Be Used for

Manuka honey is a superfood. 

A superfood is a term bestowed upon a food that delivers health benefits to the consumer because of its superior nutrient density. Some examples are honey, avocadoes and broccoli. 

This honey can be used to help aid treatment in a variety of conditions. Check out what we’ve prepared below to find out more! 

The Uses of Manuka Honey, the Superfood

The results of the Dresden scientific studies show that manuka honey is a superfood and can be regarded as a medical food.

It can be used in a wide range of applications from internal consumption such as stomach ulcers and mouth diseases to external applications that treat wound infections and/or skin conditions.

Manuka Honey on a Wooden Dipper
Manuka Honey, The Superfood Loved by Many

Here are some of the conditions that it has been known to have a great impact on:

Internal UsesExternal Uses
Poor immune systemAthlete’s foot
Stomach ulcersInsect bites
Stomach painsAcne and rosacea
Gum diseaseEczema and dermatitis
Acid reflux diseaseRashes
Aches and painsMRSA/Staph infections
ArthritisChronic Wounds
HeartburnPressure sores
DiarrheaSurgical wounds
Sore throatCold sores
Poor healthCandida albicans
People who fall ill easilyBurns
Improves sleepNail fungus
 Skin ulcers

How Manuka Honey Can Be Used

This honey is also marketed for use in many other conditions:

  • Preventing and treating cancer
  • Reducing high cholesterol
  • Reducing systemic inflammation
  • Treating diabetes
  • Treating eye, ear, and sinus infections
  • Treating gastrointestinal problems
  • Treating minor wounds and burns

Note that the honey used to treat wounds is medical-grade honey. It’s specially sterilised and prepared as a dressing. So, the jar of manuka honey in the pantry should not be considered part of a first-aid kit. Wounds and infections should be seen and treated by a healthcare professional.

The Strength of Medical-grade Manuka Honey

What exactly denotes medical-grade honey?

This refers to honey with a certified UMF level of 10+ and more. Medical-grade honey is therapeutic to the skin and helps support wound healing, acne, and scarring.

What’s the Ideal Strength of Manuka Honey?

Between a UMF rating of 5+ and 20+, which is the best strength for your personal consumption?

Although it’s generally said that the higher the strength, the more the beneficial compounds, overdoing it may result in sensitivity in some individuals. Therefore, try to pick honey that ranges from UMF 10 to 18. 

The Best Way to Take Manuka Honey

Stack of Pancakes with Honey and Berries
Drizzle Manuka Honey Over Pancakes

Although honey is a natural sweetener and contains many unique and beneficial compounds, it doesn’t mean that you should take it excessively.

It’s recommended to consume one to two tablespoons every day to maximise its benefits. You can:

  • Eat it straight from the tub
  • Add it to water or to your food 
  • Spread it on a slice of bread
  • Add it to a cup of Greek yogurt 

Recipe: Honey Toast 


  • 5″ thick unsliced sandwich bread
  • 1/3 cup unsalted butter softened
  • 1/4 cup honey
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1/2 pint blueberries
  • 1/4 cup chocolate sauce
  • 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream
  • Cookies for decoration


  1. Position the bread on your cutting board and ensure that the side touching the cutting board is shorter than the sides that are standing up. Make 4 vertical cuts parallel to the walls of the toast cube as you keep a 1-inch border between your cut and the wall so that the box has structure.
  2. Have your cut stop 1 inch from the bottom of the toast to ensure that the bottom isn’t too thin. Gently shake this cube out of the box and cut it into bite-sized cubes.
  3. Combine the butter, honey, and vanilla until consistent. Spread the mix on the innerside of the toast box and all the cubes.
  4. Bake the toast box and cubes at 177 degrees celsius for about 8 minutes, or until it’s golden brown and crispy. You can also do this in your toaster oven if it’s big enough or a conventional oven.
  5. Fill the toast box while still warm. Layer in the toast cubes and fruit before you add the ice cream and cookies on top. Drizzle it with more honey and serve immediately.

Who Should Not Take Manuka Honey?

Baby Having a Meal
Babies Should Not Consume Manuka Honey

As mind-blowing as manuka honey is, there are some precautions to note.

Certain groups of people are not advised to consume it, namely:

  • Diabetics because of the sugar content in honey 
  • Infants below one year of age because of infant botulism
  • People allergic to honey or bees 

Does My Manuka Honey Have Methylglyoxal?

Not all types of manuka honey contain the active ingredient methylglyoxal.

When you seek its health benefits, you need to pay great attention to the variety of products available on the market.

Manuka Honey UMF Logo
Manuka Honey UMF Logo

Rule of thumb: A manuka honey label must contain the words UMF followed by a number. If the indication is only “active”, you are not purchasing manuka honey with significant amounts of methylglyoxal beneficial to naturally healing several afflictions. Buy only honey from reputable stores like HoneyCity Singapore!

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