Our Mission

At HoneyCity, we want to achieve a key purpose: to deliver quality at pocket-friendly prices.

Quality at the Best Prices

How much do you understand about the health supplements you buy?

Many people don’t. They get that these supplements can boost their health, but they don’t understand exactly how they work.

Even when they do, they’re not getting them at the most affordable prices.
This is why HoneyCity distributes fresh health foods and supplements directly. Take our best-selling product as an example: air-flown manuka honey straight from the farms in New Zealand.

Bringing the Finest Even Further

Our mission is simple. We want to bring immunity-enhancing products to more people. These are the products that the average person can afford to eat on a daily basis that won’t break the bank.


Because nobody enjoys being sick, and because we know that staying healthy with their help costs far less than multiple trips to the doctor.

Our Products

We source our products from reputable and world-renowned brands and manufacturers directly.
This includes the many brands of manuka honey we carry, like:

  • Comvita Manuka Honey
  • Kare Manuka Honey
  • Vitabeez Manuka Honey
  • Woodland’s Organic Manuka Honey
  • Manuka Health Manuka Honey

We also have other honey and health supplement brands:

  • BeeNZ
  • Origins Honey
  • Yemeni Sidr Honey
  • Shifa Royal Sidr Honey
  • Dr Bragg
  • Goli
  • Esmond Natural
  • Adrien Gagnon

A Trusted Source of Authenticity

Throughout the history of health foods, people have purchased their products through word-of-mouth and recommendations.

Very often, the information they receive is distorted. HoneyCity seeks to provide you with our own recommendations backed by genuine scientific reports and studies.

After years of building the business, we have become the largest and most visited online health foods store because of the trust and belief that our customers have in our products’ quality and prices.

Half a Million and Counting

Today, we’re thankful for everything we’ve achieved over the past five years.  We’ve served more than half a million parcels to eager customers all over Singapore and the Asia Pacific.

A heart for the elderly and a healthy lifestyle will always remain the centre of our business to help caretakers and the elderly improve their quality of life.

HoneyCity is one of the brands managed by Cantley LifeCare Pte Ltd.

Cantley LifeCare Pte Ltd also manages SeniorCare and PetFoodCare.
Customer Service Responsiveness

Our Story

Cedric: Since he graduated from the National University of Singapore (NUS), Cedric decided that he wanted to be an entrepreneur, building a company he loves that helps improve lives.

He has dabbled in the distribution of books, educational toys, operating food and beverage, red wine distribution, renovation firms, and even silver and gold bullions retail.

Years passed, and he finally found his calling in e-commerce selling products for caretakers and the vulnerable elderly.

Cedric quotes:

All of us deserve to retire comfortably and blissfully.

Fascinated by e-commerce, he was captivated at how it reduced costs for consumers and brought convenience to the doorstep. Today, he continues working hard to give his customers high-quality products they’ve come to know and love for their functionality and affordability.

Find Us

HoneyCity is located at:

38 Woodlands Industrial Park E1, #02-11, Singapore 757700

Tel: +65 6219 5490

ACRA UEN Registration Number: 201703024G

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