Crocodile Oil Will Be the Next Big Trend in Beauty and Wellness

On Scaly Basis: Crocodile Oil Will Be the Next Big Trend in Beauty and Wellness

The sprawling number of beauty and wellness ingredients are as vast as the ocean – aloe vera, honey, coconut, and plenty more.

They all contain antioxidants dedicated to making your skin smoother and hair softer.

Our planet has endless ways to give us natural moisturisers in the name of beauty – even from the wildest sources anyone can imagine.

Ever heard of crocodile oil before? That’s right: you can always tap on anything for beauty even from the most unusual sources you see.

For years, this unique oil has benefited Asian countries like Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Taiwan, and South Korea. Its healing properties have even reached the coast of Africa, specifically Madagascar.

Crocodile oil is the natural oil from the fatty tissues of the reptile. Omega-3, 6, and 9, vitamins A and E, linoleic acid, and oleic acid are highly sought after due to their beneficial properties for the skin and in our health.

An Intriguing Encounter: Why Crocodile Oil?

Long Kuan Hung Crocodile Oil Packaging
Long Kuan Hung Crocodile Oil

On a prior trip to Egypt, I was very fortunate to see the Nile crocodiles. As they feed in a frenzy, they are constantly fighting.

Some of them get injuries like a ripped limb. Seeing how bad it was and how the wounds often got exposed to the microbes in the water, I asked my guide if these injuries were fatal.

He smiled and said that a crocodile’s immune system is far better than humans. I was intrigued when he mentioned this oil that they were harvesting.

From that day, I began researching how I could benefit from the powerful benefits of crocodile oil and was astounded at what I discovered.

What Is Crocodile Oil Good For?

There are many proven benefits of crocodile oil and science supports most of them.

It Moisturises Dry Skin

young woman posing with aloe vera
Crocodile Oil Moisturises Dry Skin

What an irony it is, right? Despite having scaly skin, crocodiles produce oil that contains sapogens proven to soften skin.

It also has Vitamins A, E and oleic acid, all known to be antioxidants, cell regenerators, and healing agents for your skin.

Heal Wounds and Irritation

Oleic acid is known to be a skin regenerator and anti-wrinkle agent at the same time. Together with terpenes, a natural antiseptic, it boosts the anti-inflammatory property of the oil that is similar to ibuprofen.

Reduce My Skin Redness

Crocodile oil is rich in natural Omega 3, 6, 7 and 9 fatty acids. These essential fatty acids (EFA) reduce the swelling and redness of the skin since they have anti-inflammatory properties.

Take note that we cannot produce or synthesise these acids in our bodies.

Nourish Your Hair and Scalp

Crocodile oil promotes hair growth. It hydrates hair strands, scalp, and follicles that increase hair strength and firmness.

Cure Eczema

Skin Irritation

It’s not surprising why this oil is highly sought after because of its healing properties. It’s a solution for skin problems like eczema and psoriasis due to its antiseptic, bacteriostatic, and anti-inflammatory components.

In some parts of Asia, the oil is one of the best in treating facial problems. It helps to reduce wrinkles, sun spots, dark spots, freckles, eye bags, dark eye circles, and acne scars.

Boost Immune System

Young asian woman exercising by the river
Boost Your Immune System With Crocodile Oil

Some people take crocodile oil orally. They believe that it can boost your immune system. Take a quarter of the oil and mix it with warm water before drinking it.

Use as Treatment for Pets

Like for human consumption, it’s also useful for treating a pet’s hair and skin. Many use it for dogs, cats, horses, and other similar pets. Apply it to their fur or mane for strength and growth.

Medical Uses of Crocodile Oil

People have used crocodile oil for many years. However, it’s only recently been documented and begun to catch attention. Countries like South Africa have been using it by mixing it with cryptocarya latifoli, a type of tree bark to treat chest ailments.

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) uses the reptile’s oil for treating bronchitis, allergy, skin problems, high blood pressure, asthma, and cancer.

In Madagascar, it’s used to treat burns, skin ulcers, cancer, and coughs.

The therapeutic list of crocodile oil keeps going since it’s new in the market. Some claim that it helps people to lose weight, and aids those with heart ailments and even tumours.

Science is still confirming these, but the benefits, as mentioned above, have already proven to a certain extent.

Crocodile Oil Versus Other Natural Beauty Regimens

Lung Kuan Hung Crocodile Oil Product
Lung Kuan Hung Crocodile Oil

Crocodile oil is starting to edge ahead of other natural oils for cosmetic purposes despite being new in the market. It has even been tagged by one American newspaper as the next big thing to virgin coconut oil.

What makes this oil better than other natural oils and beauty products?

  1. It contains more beneficial ingredients for human skin as compared to other animal-based products and even coconut oils
  2. Crocodile oil has a greater abundance of long-chain fatty acids, Omega-3, as well as antioxidants that are usually present in other mammals
  3. Besides its cosmetic benefits, it also has healing properties

How Is Crocodile Oil Extracted?

Worry not as the extraction process is safe and ethical. The oil is a byproduct (waste) of the crocodile farms in the world.

Experts have seen the potential of the reptile’s fat to become a new source of skincare and medicine.

Buy only 100% pure crocodile oil from the market for your safety and benefit. As the oil becomes increasingly famous, fake and impure products will flood the markets.

With careful research, I found a crocodile farm in Singapore that processes and refines the oil in a modern way. Upon the recommendation of a friend who lives there, I bought Long Kwan Hung crocodile oil 新加坡农光行鳄鱼油, and I’m still using it for a year now.

I like Long Kuan Hung Crocodile Oil because each bottle is tagged with a serial number, bearing the production date. Singapore is a country that produces high-quality products, so I am sure of the quality of this crocodile oil.

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