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UMF® Honey Licensee

UMF® HONEY ASSOCIATION LICENCEESUMFHA has 67 companies licensed to use the UMF® trademark. Only organizations with a license are allowed to use the UMF® trademark. Honeycity is distributing these registered licencees of UMF® Manuka honey.License #       New Zealand Company                     Website1019 Comvita New Zealand Limited  www.comvita.com1098 Taku Honey 2202 Kare Ltd   2252  Onuku Ltd  Honeycity imports only high quality UMF® manuka honey directly from New Zealand farms. Read More...
Honey City

How to store Honey and Expiry Date tips?

Honey Storage Tips and Expiry All honey is anti-bacterial and has a long shelf life without the need to be refrigerated. There is no need to refrigerate manuka honey as it can be stored at room temperature. How do you store manuka honey?Store in its original bottle. Store in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight. There is no need to store honey in the refrigerator.Honey kept in tightly sealed bottles away from sunlight can be kept and be in good conditions Read More...
How to eat Manuka Honey correctly?

How to eat Manuka Honey correctly?

Eat UMF Manuka Honey correctly. Take 1 tablespoon 2-3 times a day, before meal. Eat the honey directly from the spoon without mixing into a drink for best effects. Premium manuka honey does not taste too sweet, some has a bitter taste on it. You may like to drink some water after that to wash down the honey. Can I use metal spoon or wooden spoon dipper for honey? You do not need to use wooden spoon for honey, any spoon is fine. It Read More...
UMF Manuka Honey

Manuka Honey UMF- Which UMF for me?

Which Manuka Honey UMF for me? Most healthy individuals would find UMF 10+ Manuka honey ideal and effective in immune boosting. Manuka Honey with a UMF of less than 10 has a low level of activity and may not be effective for some medical conditions. The ideal potency for good health maintenance is between UMF 10 and 18. manuka honey umf 10+   You may use the below as a guide. UMF 5+: To test the textures, tastes and suitability. You can eat daily as it is Read More...
Manuka Honey Uses

Manuka Honey Uses in what conditions?

Manuka Honey Uses – a Super Food The results of the Dresden scientific studies show that manuka honey is a super food and it can be regarded as a medical food. Manuka honey can used in a wide range of applications from internal consumption such as stomach ulcers and mouth diseases to external applications that treat wound infections and/or skin conditions. manuka honey uses Here are some of the conditions that Manuka Honey has been known to have a great impact on:Internal Uses External UsesPoor Immune System Stomach Ulcer Stomach Read More...
Why eat Manuka Honey UMF®

Why eat Manuka Honey UMF®? Benefits?

Why eat Manuka Honey? The Benefits of this Superfood Mānuka honey has natural antibacterial qualities that boosts the immune system when consumed daily, fighting sore throat, flu, curing infections. There are a ton of health qualities linked to manuka honey. Manuka honey (wikipedia) is a mono floral honey produced in New Zealand by bees that pollinate the native Mānuka bush.  Applied externally, it also treats wound infections and other conditions.   Manuka Honey Healing Healing Power of Manuka Honey Since ancient times, honey has been used to Read More...
Why eat Manuka Honey UMF®

What is Manuka Honey UMF®?

MANUKA HONEY UMF ® by New Zealand Government 90% of “manuka honey” sold worldwide are FAKES. Sometimes it is just plain normal honey, other times it is even worse, nothing more than sugar syrup with chemicals added. The New Zealand govertment is very appalled at this damage done to real manuka honey branding, so the government founded and managed an UMF Manuka Honey Board to officially label and monitor honey farms in New Zealand that meets the standard of real manuka Read More...
Why eat Manuka Honey UMF®

What is Yemen Sidr Honey? (Middle East’s “Manuka Honey”)

What is Sidr Honey? Sidr honey is monofloral honey made solely from nectar of Sidr trees in Yemen. Sidr tree is used medicinally from bark to berries, and the anti bacterial Sidr honey is expensive due to its wide medical uses in Middle East. Yemeni Sidr Honey vs New Zealand Manuka Honey Sidr honey (known as Middle East’s manuka honey) is an established remedy in the Middle East for medical benefits and far potent than manuka hone. Genuine Manuka honey and Sidr Read More...
Why eat Manuka Honey UMF®

Why Did I Try 10 Brands of Manuka Honey For Health?

I Love eating Manuka Honey for health! I eat a teaspoon of manuka honey in the morning and a teaspoon just before I sleep for health benefits such as to boost my immunity. I am not alone in doing that. I was introduced to this by friends who have improved their family and their immunity systems from this daily food. Maori loves manuka honey! Manuka honey- used in New Zealand for healing Manuka honey has been used by the Maori community in New Zealand Read More...

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