Top 10 Manuka Honey Benefits
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Top 10 Benefits of Manuka Honey: An All-inclusive Guide

Why has manuka honey been beloved for centuries?

Surely, there’s a reason why it’s survived through changing times and continues to make its mark on society today. 

We take an insightful look into the leading benefits of manuka honey here! 

Let’s Look at the Top 10 Benefits of Manuka Honey

The health benefits of manuka honey have been frequently touted in the world of natural health for a long time. This has grown in recent years because a growing body of research is starting to support thousands of years of folk medicine use.

Let’s explore the leading benefits of manuka honey!

1. Reduces Reflux and Moderates Your Digestive System

Fluid in the Human Stomach
Gut Conditions That Are Connected

Low levels of stomach acid, small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), and acid reflux are connected.

Manuka honey’s well-known natural antibiotic attributes make it an ideal medicine to benefit those with bacteria-related disorders.

In a recent study, Clostridium difficult, a deadly bacteria related to all these conditions, was discovered to be vulnerable to the bactericidal effects of manuka honey.

This means that consuming honey is useful for lowering acid reflux and balancing your digestive system. In turn, this helps to heal stomach and intestinal discrepancies.

2. Improves the Skin

A Yellow Acne Road Sign
How Manuka Honey Helps Acne


The Internet is filled with patient testimonials that claim the efficacy of manuka honey on acne and eczema patients.

At this time, there aren’t clinical trials to support these claims, but this doesn’t bother me at all.

When we consider its proven antimicrobial and healing properties, it’s normal to assume that honey can help with these skin conditions.

Most people claim that applying honey to affected areas for a few minutes and then washing it off with gentle soap and water usually does the trick. Repeat this every day or every other day for the best results!

3. Staph Infections (MRSA)

A Cluster of Bacteria Cells
Manuka Honey Helps With MRSA Infections

Heard of the superbug that’s plagued hospitals over the past several years, the methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (or MRSA)?

Antibiotic overuse and drug ineffectiveness have caused certain strains of Staph to resist typical hospital and nursing home medical protocols.

It spreads so rapidly that most people affected by MRSA end up needing invasive procedures or devices such as surgeries, artificial joints, or intravenous tubing to save their lives.

This past March, however, UK researchers from Cardiff Metropolitan University have offered us some natural hope.

They found that manuka honey suppresses the most potent genes of MRSA bacteria. Some scientists now suggest that regular topical use on cuts and infections (especially in hospital and nursing home settings) may benefit those affected and keep it naturally at bay.

4. Speeds Up Healing in Wounds and Delivers Pain Relief in Burn Patients 

A Bandage Over a Wound on an Arm
Manuka Honey Helps with Burns and Wounds

According to a recent article in the Jundishapur Journal of Natural Pharmaceutical Products, using honey results in an improvement in wound healing for acute cases. It also benefits by offering pain relief in burn patients and reduced inflammatory response.

Its rich antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory characteristics also prevent infection in people with venous ulcers.

It’s also been effectively used as a wound dressing to promote rapid and improved healing.

5. Helps With Plaque and Bleeding Site Reduction in Gingivitis Patients 

The Anatomy of a Tooth
Manuka Honey Helps Your Teeth

A few studies on manuka honey’s benefits have come out recently. They explain how it can benefit by helping to cure gingivitis and periodontal disease.

Researchers from the School of Dentistry, University of Otago (Dunedin, New Zealand) realised that munching or sucking on manuka products led to a 35% decrease in plaque and reduction in bleeding sites in people suffering from gingivitis! This is because of the honey’s exceptional antimicrobial abilities.

Manuka honey also contains zinc, calcium, and phosphorus that are essential nutrients for healing teeth.

6. IBS and IBD

The Human Anatomy of the Gut
Manuka Honey Helps With Gut-related Troubles

Researchers from the Chandigarh Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research evaluated the benefits of manuka honey on experimentally induced inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) in rats.

They discovered several astounding findings: 

  • Manuka honey protected against TNBS-induced colonic damage at different doses
  • There was significant protection using manuka honey at a 5g/kg and 10g/kg dosage 
  • All the treated groups displayed a reduction in colonic inflammation. Biochemical guidelines were also largely lowered 
  • At different doses, manuka honey restored lipid peroxidation and enhanced antioxidant benchmarks
  • Taking 5g/kg and 10g/kg of manuka honey largely reduced colonic inflammation

Hence, manuka honey not only healed intestinal inflammation and pain, but also repaired free radical damage and protected against added damage!

7. Lowers the Frequency of Sore Throats 

A Cup of Tea with Honey, Cinnamon, Lemon and Basil Leaf
Manuka Can Help to Reduce Sore Throat and Inflammation

Having a sore throat? Manuka’s here to help. 

In 2007, data published in the Journal of Leukocyte Biology suggested that manuka can trigger immune cells and cytokine production. Cytokines are a group of proteins that are essential in regulating the growth and activity of other immune system cells.

Another 2011 research showed how manuka stops the development of sore throat-causing Strep bacteria. It’s not surprising that many people immediately benefit from taking a spoonful of honey when they feel ill. 

Recently, it has even been approved by America’s National Cancer Institute for usage in healing throat inflammation caused by chemotherapy!

8. Reduces the Occurrence of Allergies 

A Young Girl Blowing Pollen Off Flowers
Manuka Honey Can Reduce Seasonal Allergies

There are many informal accounts of people receiving allergy relief after eating honey are all over the internet.

A particular study with honey and birch pollen obtained remarkable results. Participants were given normal honey, honey with birch pollen, and some used only their allergy medicines as a control group.

The results were amazing:

“…patients reported a 60% lower total symptom score, twice as many asymptomatic days, and 70% fewer days with severe symptoms, and they used 50% less antihistamines compared to the control group.” 

They also realised that there was minimal difference between the birch pollen honey users and the regular honey users!

This means that consuming manuka honey on a regular basis can benefit you by aiding seasonal allergies and reduce medications required.

9. Improves Your Skin and Health

Lady Holding a Bar of Honeycomb and a Bowl of Honey
Manuka Honey Improves Your Skin and Body

Take manuka honey daily to benefit from its elixir-like effect that boosts energy and enhances your quality of life.

Its nutrient-dense profile boosts vitality, youthful energy, and has been known to improve skin tone and texture.

Use it in a homemade face wash to exfoliate and combat free radicals in your skin. You can also apply it in your shampoo or a hair mask to give your hair a lustrous shine.

One of my favourite uses is in a detox drink to get the most benefits inside and out!

10. Improves Sleep

Lady Resting on a Couch
Manuka Honey Helps Promote Better Sleep

Manuka honey helps to improve sleep. It discharges the glucose, glycogen, needed for essential bodily functions during sleep. Combine honey with a glass of warm milk at bedtime to help your body release melatonin into the brain. This helps to achieve deep sleep.

There are many health disorders associated with poor sleep like heart disease, type II diabetes, stroke, and arthritis. Since honey is proven to aid in quality sleep, it also helps lower the risk of these disorders and many other health problems.

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