Summer Honey – Hand-made Artisan Honey from Thailand

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  • Our artisan series is 100% pure honey infused with other natural ingredients.
  • Our honey blends are lovingly hand-made by our very experienced bee-keeping friends from Thailand.
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Summer Honey® is harvested once every year by our small-scale beekeeping friends in Northern Thailand. The bees feed on flower nectar from the tropical mountain highlands of Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai.

Bees play a highly critical role in the ecosystems. A third of our global food supply is pollinated by bees, but bee colonies have been on a drastic decline over the past century due to farming practices, habitat destruction, and parasites. They need our help, and one good way to do that is to purchase proper honey.

Our range of honey may cost slightly more than the average commercial honey, but once you taste it, we are certain you will agree that it is worth every golden drop!


Summer Honey Artisan Series

Honey and Cinnamon 250g

Summer Honey - Authentic Artisan honey from Thailand - Honey & Cinnamon

Honey and Cinnamon pairing, has been reported as a natural cure for many diseases. Backed by modern day studies, Cinnamon has been claimed to improve insulin sensitivity, regulate blood sugar control, and lowers blood pressure and protects the heart. Our Honey & Cinnamon blend is a great-tasting medicinal product – it has an almost magical effect to the taste of baked goods.


95% Premium Wildflowers Honey, 5% Cinnamon

Honey and Ginger 250g

Summer Honey - Authentic Artisan honey from Thailand - Honey & Ginger

Honey and ginger pairing, have a long history as a potent tonic, particularly in the Eastern cultures. It is most famous as a remedy for digestive issues, as well as cold/flu/asthmatic symptoms. Our Honey & Ginger blend is slightly hot and heavenly sweet – it goes great with hot tea!


84% Premium Wildflowers Honey, 16% Natural Ginger Powder

Honey and Lime 250g

Summer Honey - Authentic Artisan honey from Thailand - Honey & Lime

Honey tends to go very well with citrus fruits. Lime is valued for its strong acidity and its zesty aroma. Our Honey & Lime blend is a remarkably refreshing product that will delight your taste buds. Mix it with cold water/tonic water/tea – it makes a perfect beverage for a hot sunny afternoon!


95% Wildflowers Honey, 5% Natural Lime Powder



Summer Honey Pure Series

Longan Summer Honey 250g

Summer Honey - Authentic honey from Thailand - Longan Honey

Longan Honey is one of the most popular mono-floral honey in the SEA region. It is sweet, golden-brown honey with an aromatic scent.
Research has shown that pure Longan honey has a high flavonoid concentration, suggesting superior antioxidant capabilities as compared to other honey counterparts. It is a powerful antimicrobial honey with good results against MRSA.

Wildflowers Summer Honey 250g

Summer Honey - Authentic honey from Thailand - Wildflower Honey

Our core product, Wildflowers Honey, is harvested every April. Additionally, the honey produced by the bees during the hottest month of the year yields premium-quality honey with an extra low moisture content and strong taste.
Wildflower Honey has a rich, multi-layered flavor. Every batch is slightly different – dependent on the flowers and crops, favored by the bees at the time.

Lychee Summer Honey 250g

Summer Honey - Authentic honey from Thailand - Lychee Honey

Lychee Honey is one of the more popular mono-floral honey in the SEA region. It is an amber-colored honey with a light fragrance.
Lychee Honey has a fruity flavor, similar to that of the lychee fruit. It has a delicate sweetness and a slightly sour aftertaste. Therefore, this type of honey is often preferred for culinary purposes.




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Longan 250g, Wildflower 250g, Lychee 250g, Honey & Lime 250g, Honey & Ginger 250g, Honey & Cinnamon 250g

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  1. Yan Ming

    i like this type of unique honey, can taste the different flavour rather than those standard brands.

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