• Glucosamine - White Cap

    Glucosamine Sulfate 3x Strength for Joint Care

    • Helps Maintains and repairs cartilage
    • Reduce cartilage wear
    • Relieve the pain caused by osteoarthritis
    • Increase joint mobility and reduce joint stiffness associated with osteoarthritis
    • Slow joint damage in osteoarthritis
  • $69.90

    GREENMIX Nature Veg n Fruit Prebiotics 10g x 30 Sachets

    • Regulates bowel movement
    • Promotes digestion with prebiotics
    • Gentle on your digestive tract
    • NO chemicals laxatives or medicines
  • Tongkat Ali FrontTongkat Ali

    NuFinity TongKat Ali Extract Supplement 60’s

    • Increase Testosterone Levels
    • Cure for Gout
    • Anti-cancer
    • Promote Fertility
    • Energy Booster
    • Enhance Physical Fitness
    • Improve Human Immunity
    • Anti-Malaria
  • Hot

    Timed Release Vitamin C with Rosehips

    • Supports Immune Health
    • Protection Against Common Cold
    • Maintains Healthy Skin
    • Essential Vitamin For The Body To Make Collagen
    • Antioxidant Support
    • Timed Release Vegetarian Formula
  • Vitabeez Propolis 2000mg

    Vitabeez Propolis 2000mg 200cap

    >> Helps lower risk of cancer
    >> Helpful for diabetic patients
    >> Improves memory
    >> Helps with sleep disorder
    >> Improves liver functions
    >> Regulates blood pressure
    >> Prevent arteries from hardening
    >> Improves arthritis condition
    >> Helps lower cholesterol levels
    >> Anti-aging
    >> Improves skin texture
    >> Prevention of hair fall

    … and many more!


    Vitabeez Royal Jelly 1000mg

    • Vitabeez Royal Jelly is a rich source of highly concentrated nutrients including B vitamins, proteins and lipids.
    • Royal Jelly is traditionally taken to increase energy and vitality.
    • Take Vitabeez Royal Jelly regularly and enjoy the full benefits that Royal Jelly can bring to your health.

What are supplements?

If you are unable to eat a wide range of nutritious food or you are particularly weak in a certain aspect of your health, it may be wise to get some dietary supplements to ensure you have your nutrients for better living and good health.

Do note that supplements are just that, supplement to your main diet. Do try to eat a wholesome diet, with a wide range of nutritious food.

Scientific research shows that taking some dietary supplements can be great for managing health conditions and improving your general health. For example, you may be prone to health diseases due to genetics. Hence, you may wish to have omega-3 fatty acids supplements to improve your heart health. Due to old age, you may have weakening bones, eating more calcium enriched food or taking a calcium supplement, glucosamine may help. You may be getting sicker more, so you can try to have more honey products, such as propolis, royal jelly or manuka honey to strengthen your immune system.

These are some supplement classifications

Vitamins: organic compounds for normal growth and metabolism. Some examples are vitamin A, B, C, D, E etc etc.

Minerals: Inorganic elements for normal growth and metabolism. Some examples are iron, calcium, potassium.

Botanicals: Ingredients from plant sources, such as leaves, flowers, roots, seeds, or bark. For example, chia seeds, flaxseeds, quinoa etc.

Amino Acids: Proteins. You need amino acid as they are the foundation of protein in your body. You need to eat them for health recovery and growth

Enzymes: These are ingredients that facilitate and improve the speed of growth and reactions in your body. Needed for healthy growth and metabolism.

Organ Tissues & Glandulars: These help in metabolism and energy creation, that are governed by the endocrine system.

Metabolites, Constituents & Extracts: This refer to ingredients that are supplementing the organic form needed for your body. It may be supplemented from wholesome natural ingredients or produce from chemicals. For example, glucosamine may be produced with chemicals in a factory or from seashells. Vitamin C can be produced from chemical or from rich citrus food or rosehip buds.

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