Pure Origins Honey 500g – Macadamia, Wild Raw, Wild Flower, Leatherwood

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  • 100% Pure Australian
  • Natural
  • Raw
  • Single Region
  • Cold Extracted to retain all nutritional properties
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The Pure Origins brand is only found on high quality, premium and pure Australian food and beverage products. We are strong believers that you are what you eat. To live a happy and healthy life starts with quality food…because it is “In Nature We Trust

Pure Origins Premium Honey Range is 100% Pure Australian. Sourced from Australia’s most pristine regions, Single Region, Raw & Cold Extracted. It is this attention to detail that ensures our honey retains its natural nutritional properties


Pure Origins Premium Australian Organic Honey

Organic Leatherwood Honey 500g

Pure Origins Organic Leatherwood Honey

The only place in the world that the rare Leatherwood Tree is found is in Tasmania Australia. Leatherwood (Eucryphia lucida) is a tree that grows in the forests of Tasmania’s wild west coast, from the northwest in such places as the Tarkine and through the South West Wilderness. It likes water a lot which is why it grows very well in climates of 1500–2500 mm annual rainfall. The Leatherwood Tree originated nearly 65 million years ago. We source this premium honey from the heart of the Tarkine, in the pristine Tasmanian wilderness.

Leatherwood is the single most important nectar plant in Tasmania, giving about 70% of all honey produced. Leatherwood honey is a monofloral honey that has been recognized by the international Slow Food movement in its Ark of Taste.

Organic Raw Wild Flower Honey 500g

Pure Origins Organic Raw Wild Flower

The honey is collected from a myriad of Australian native floral nectars. It is a full-flavored aromatic honey with a bouquet of distinctive floral flavors that may vary from season to season.

Organic Wild Raw Honey 500g

Pure Origins Organic Wild Raw Honey

Wild Raw Honey comes from the blossoms of Australian eucalypt trees, clover and ground flora. Strictly sourced from Australia’s most pristine wilderness with some of the world’s cleanest air and water.

Our Wild Raw Honey has a sweet, mild flavor suitable for all honey uses.

Macadamia Honey 500g

Pure Origins Macadamia Honey

Our Macadamia honey came from the bees that feed off the nectar of the flowers from the Macadamia Tree (Macadamia Integrifolia). The remnant rainforest in Northern NSW and South-East Queensland, where the tree is found, is native to Australia.

This honey has a sweet, mild flavor with a toffee caramel aftertaste. As well as tasting delicious it’s also full of health benefits; loaded with vitamins, minerals, amino acids all immunity boosting and anti-aging properties. A healthy replacement for sugar to sweeten your food and beverages.


Pure Origins Premium Australian Organic Honey - Nutrition Information
Pure Origins Premium Australian Organic Honey – Nutrition Information

Why Pure Origins?

100% Pure Australian, Natural, Raw, Single Region & Cold Extracted to retain all nutritional properties.

100% Pure Australian – Natural – Raw – Single Region – Cold Extracted

The honey is RAW and came straight from the beehives. At temperatures lower than the beehive itself, it is COLD when extracted or packed . This means that although it takes longer to pour, it retains all of its crucial enzymes, anti-bacterial properties and nutritional value. Where others heat their honey to ensure they get an optimum level of fast pouring to save on packaging costs.

SINGLE ORIGIN – what we receive from the beekeeper we bottle, we don’t blend. It’s 100% Pure Australian honey. Not mixed honeyfrom various regions.

We take pride in holding to these principles so our honey you receive is of the highest quality and retaining all nutritional properties.



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ORGANIC Leatherwood Honey, ORGANIC Raw Wild Flower Honey, ORGANIC Wild Raw Honey, Macadamia Honey

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    2nd time buying after i bought macadamia honey.
    this time buying all 4 to try since the texture was so good

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