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How to store Honey and Expiry Date tips?


Honey Storage Tips and Expiry

All honey is anti-bacterial and has a long shelf life without the need to be refrigerated. There is no need to refrigerate manuka honey as it can be stored at room temperature.

How do you store manuka honey?

  1. Store in its original bottle.
  2. Store in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight.
  3. There is no need to store honey in the refrigerator.

Honey kept in tightly sealed bottles away from sunlight can be kept and be in good conditions for years and even decades.

Can I store honey in the refrigerator?

There is no need to. Storing in the refrigerator will cause honey to crystallize and spoil the flavor and tastes of the honey. If your honey is stored in the fridge, you still can eat it. Bring it out and let the honey warms temperature in a cool dry place out of sunlight. Once it is at room temperature, the honey will be in liquid form and you can eat the honey.

Will honey be spoilt in the refrigerator?

No, the honey will not spoil in the fridge. Honey crystallizes in cold temperature, and the helpful benefits are still intact. However, the flavor and tastes may be different.

Avoid refrigeration to prevent crystallization of the honey. Crystallization is the natural process of glucose sugar molecules aligning into orderly arrangements known as crystals. Do not worry, crystallization is not an indicator of spoilage, impurity, age or quality. It can be reversible by leaving the honey at room temperature overnight.


Honey on cabinet shelf

Honey on cabinet shelf


Keep in its original bottles, either of glass or high-quality plastic, in your kitchen cabinets or shelves.

Make sure your manuka honey is labeled UMF, as the UMF association would demand high-quality plastic/glass containers to ensure that the manuka properties are maintained.

Does honey expire or go bad?

No, honey does not spoil, they do not rot. Honey can keep for thousands of years without spoiling. Honey may change color and crystalized over the years but is still safe to eat. Honey can keep long because of a lack of moisture in it.

Why does my honey have an expiry date?

Modern government rules have a maximum of 5 years expiry date to be stamped on food, no matter what type of food there is. Even though honey can have a good shelf life of more than 5 years, honey farms can only stamp an expiry date of a maximum of 5 years on the bottles.

Honey is not the only food that has an “expiry date” that is shorter than its real shelf life. Salt too has an “expiry date”.


Salt and honey both have long shelf life, not just the short expiry dates

Salt and honey both have long shelf life, not just the short expiry dates

What do I do if my honey crystalized or appears solid and thick?

Honey may be crystalized if kept in cold places or refrigerator. You can bring it to room temperate and let it warm slowly. You can also place an open jar of honey in warm water and stir until the honey crystal dissolves into liquid honey.

honey does not spoil

Honey does not spoil

They found many ancient pots of honey, made thousands of years ago and they are all edible.

Modern government food regulations have a maximum of 5 years expiry date from the date of production. Hence even though scientific evidence points out that manuka honey does not spoil, they still put a 5-year expiry date on all honey. This is to fulfill the legal obligation.

In other words, if you are finding manuka honey with short expiry date or expired, they are probably fine.

Enjoy your manuka honey peacefully!

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