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Vitabeez Manuka Honey UMF 20+

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  • Vitabeez Manuka Honey UMF 20+

Vitabeez Manuka Honey UMF 20+

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Authentic New Zealand UMF® manuka honey is highly sought after worldwide.
It is produced only in New Zealand and is well known for having desirable health properties.


HoneyCity is proud to introduce…

Vitabeez honey has its roots in Coromandel Peninsula, North Island of New Zealand. In 1999, the Vitabeez family started to market their locally produced honey to the local Sunday market and has its popularity in the local community. Today, Vitabeez honey has its own beekeeping operations and processing facility to produce the highest quality, 100% Pure New Zealand Honeys.

• Manuka Honey with Methylglyoxal (MG), an antibacterial component
– The higher the MG, the stronger the antibacterial effect

• Supports immune system by promoting resistance to common infections

• Supports healing of sore throat, mild burns and/or wounds

Made by bees collecting nectar exclusively from the flowers of the Manuka bush, Vitabeez Manuka Honey is harvested from pure, isolated and unpolluted mountains, valleys and forests of New Zealand.


Vitabeez Manuka Honey UMF 20+


Vitabeez Manuka Honey UMF 20+

Vitabeez Manuka Honey UMF 20+

Vitabeez Manuka Honey UMF 20+ Back

Vitabeez Manuka Honey UMF 20+ Back


Which UMF should you consume?
New Zealanders generally recommend:
UMF 5+ for testing a brand for taste and preference
UMF 10+ for daily consumption
UMF 15+ for people with digestive problems or weak immune system

Each batch of UMF Manuka honey is tested and certified by NZ independent laboratories, for its UMF® 6+ activity and MGO (Methylglyoxal) of at least 100mg/kg, before making its way to our warehouse in Singapore.


Certification for UMF Manuka Honey

UMF® rating system:
Official UMF Board of NZ –

The Unique Manuka Factor (UMF®) rating is extremely important when comparing manuka honey. Most authentic manuka honey is sold under the UMF® trademark. The UMF® grading system appraises natural markers found in manuka honey and assures purity and quality. Each Taku Honey UMF® manuka honey jar states its level of naturally occurring methylglyoxal (MG).


MG has been identified as one of the main organic compounds responsible for the stable anti-bacterial activity for which manuka honey has become globally renowned. Taku Honey states the MG content of its honey, as well as its UMF® level, so that direct comparisons can be made with other manuka honeys that show MG content on their labels. Products claiming to be manuka honey but showing neither a UMF® nor an MG rating are unlikley to be genuine.



Buy real manuka honey from New Zealand and do not be cheated to buy cheap fake Chinese honey which are diluted with high-fructose corn syrup and sweeteners, and tainted with crazy chemicals, high in heavy metals and antibiotics.


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