Taku Honey

  • Taku Clover Honey

    Taku Clover Honey

    Taku Clover honey is sourced from the beautiful green rolling hills and expansive pastures found throughout New Zealand. Creamed white Clover honey has been a favourite New Zealand table honey for generations and now its sweet, delicate taste is enjoyed by people around the world.

  • Taku Clover honey 250g
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    Taku Clover Honey 250g

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    Taku Five Finger Honey 250g

  • Taku Wild Flora Honey 250g
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    Taku Wild Flora 250g

  • Taku Wild Flora Honey

    Taku Wild Flora Honey

    Taku Wild Flora honey is a smooth blend of select honeys harvested from the edges of our lush green native forests and famous rolling green pastures. Light, sweet and full of flavor, our Wild Flora honey is a true reflection of the beautiful landscape from which it was harvested.

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