Tongkat Ali

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What is Tongkat Ali

What is Tongkat Ali

What is Tongkat Ali?

Tongkat Ali is a South East Asian herbal supplement most recognized as an aphrodisiac and male testosterone booster that improve sexual performance and health. Beside this, it is also renowned for improving general virality to counteract aging, improving strength, bone, and muscle mass, supporting energy level and stress tolerance.

Adaptogens like Tongkat Ali signals your brain, specifically the hypothalamus. This portion manages many of your body’s key processes including metabolism and energy (thyroid), stress response (adrenals), and reproductive functions (testes/ovaries).

Top 15 Benefits of Tongkat Ali helps:

  1. Improve sex drive energy and increased desire in men and women
  2. Improve sex performance in men.
  3. Promoting bone formation and strength
  4. Build muscle formation and athletic performance.
  5. Increase the physical and mental energy level.
  6. Relieve stress and anxiety and elevate mood level with improved hormones
  7. Lower blood sugar and maintain healthy insulin level.
  8. Tongkat Ali studies shown to improve weight loss of belly fat
  9. Improve physical stamina and performance
  10. Improve immunity health status
  11. Balance the microbiome
  12. Anti-cancer effects [Source]
  13. Anti-microbial and anti-fungal effects [Source]
  14. Anti-ulcer effects [Source]
  15. Anti-oxidant effects [Source]

Tongkat Ali’s scientific name is Eurycoma longifolia, and also known as the Malay’s ginseng.


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