• Product-ComvitaRoyalJellyProduct-ComvitaRoyal Jelly

    Comvita Vitality Royal Jelly Softgel

    • Helps lower risk of cancer
    • Helpful for diabetic patients
    • Improves memory
    • Helps with sleep disorder
    • Improves liver functions
    • Regulates blood pressure
    • Prevent arteries from hardening
    • Improves arthritis condition
    • Helps lower cholesterol levels
    • Anti-aging
    • Improves skin texture
    • Prevention of hair fall
    • and many more!
  • ComvitaPropolis PFL30

    EXTRA STRENGTH Comvita Propolis Softgels

    • best consumed daily for immune health support
    • Suitable for people who suffer from a sleep disorder & prevent arteries from hardening
    • Helps to prevent hair fall, improves memory, anti-aging & improve skin texture


  • Product - Red Coral Honey Bee Apitheraphy Made in Singapore

    REDCORAL Honey Bee Apitherapy 120ml新加坡红珊瑚蜂疗

    As an aid for the relief of  Rheumatic Pain, minor aches, tired and painful muscles, joints and bones, inflammation and swelling caused by bruises, Lumbago, and Muscular Aches

    1 for $120
    Get 2 and above $100/unit

  • SummerHoneyBeePollen
    $25.10 $18.00

    Summer Honey Bee Pollen 100g

    • Helps to increase energy levels and stamina
    • Great Brain Booster
    • Lifts brain fatigue
    • Improves alertness
    • Helps concentration levels
    $78.00 $57.90

    Uniflora Royal Jelly 500mg

What is Apitherapy?

Apitherapy refers to the branch of alternative medicine that uses bee products, such as honey, pollen, beeswax, honeycomb, propolis, bee venom, royal jelly etc.

  1. Honey-Bee collect flower nectar and process them into honey that is sweet
  2. Pollen– Beside nectar, flowers contain pollen, the male reproductive plant materials. Pollen is rich in many vitamins, minerals and nutrients.
  3. Beeswax– Bee eats honey and secretes beeswax out of their glands, to build their hives (honeycomb) to store pollen and honey. Beeswax is commonly used for skin care cosmetic.
  4. Honeycomb– This is the hexagonal cell structure made from beeswax. It is the hardened solidified version of beeswax and food-grade version can be eaten for good health.
  5. Propolis– Bees made a mixture of enzymes, honey, beeswax and mixed with tree resin to create propolis. They use propolis like a bee glue to protect themselves from external threats. Propolis is antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory
  6. Bee Venom– Bee produces venom to sting and fight against external threats, like predators for their honey, or wasps. This bee venom is poisonous, but some apitherapy products find bee venom ideal for treatments of some ailments.
  7. Royal Jelly– This is food made by bees to be extremely rich in enzyme for the Queen Bee. It is rich in minerals and vitamins to nourish the queen for her daily birth of numerous bees.

Apitherapy has strong believers in how these natural materials help alleviate pains and improve health.

Red Coral Honey Bee Apitherapy for rheumatic pain and muscle ache.

One of the top apitherapy product made in Singapore, and widely popular in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Hong Kong is Red Coral Honey Bee Apitherapy product that helps alleviate joint pains and massage away soreness


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