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The Chia Co Logo

The Chia Co Logo

The Chia Company grows its natural, raw Chia seeds in the pristine Kimberley region of Western Australia exactly 15 degrees south of the equator. This ideal location was selected because of the ideal environmental conditions, that allows chia seeds to have the highest Omega 3 content in every seed. The Chia Co is not just a middleman handling seeds, they are the farmers themselves that control the quality from land to supermarket shelves.

John Foss is an Australian farmer from a family of farmers. He was researching on natural ways to reduce society's illness, such as obsesity, heart diseases, diabetes and etc. He found out that chia seeds has great benefits to mankind and decided to form The Chia Co to spread the benefits of chia to the world

The Chia Co is the most branded and premium chia seeds you can find in Singapore or the world.


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