Kare Manuka Honey UMF Logo

Kare Manuka Honey UMF Logo

Kare Manuka Honey UMF is a small New Zealand family firm. It is headed by a strong and focused New Zealander lady. She is single-mindedly focused on collecting only the best manuka honey from beehives and bottling for the market.

It is one of the top-selling manuka honey brands purchased by local New Zealander kiwis. That speaks volume on how high-quality Kare manuka honey is. The locals themselves will surely pick their best quality manuka honey.

Kare manuka honey in Singapore

We partnered with Kare in 2014 when we found out how passionate about manuka honey Kare is. Kare wants manuka honey superfood to be healthy, natural and safe.

Kare manuka honey is dense, thick and slightly bitter, the high-quality that beekeepers love!

Kare sends their Manuka honey directly to Singapore so we can avoid middlemen costs. All manuka honey are air-shipped to reduce time in transit and better protection from elements.


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