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  • Glucosamine - White Cap

    Glucosamine Sulfate 3x Strength for Joint Care

    • Helps Maintains and repairs cartilage
    • Reduce cartilage wear
    • Relieve the pain caused by osteoarthritis
    • Increase joint mobility and reduce joint stiffness associated with osteoarthritis
    • Slow joint damage in osteoarthritis
  • Hot

    Timed Release Vitamin C with Rosehips

    • Supports Immune Health
    • Protection Against Common Cold
    • Maintains Healthy Skin
    • Essential Vitamin For The Body To Make Collagen
    • Antioxidant Support
    • Timed Release Vegetarian Formula
Cantley LifeCare Pte Ltd Logo

Cantley LifeCare Pte Ltd Logo

Cantley LifeCare was found by 2 Singaporeans who wanted the high quality and trusted signature products that Singapore is famous for. We only work with manufacturing partners that have high-quality control, with natural ingredients and immense pride in what we bring to our clients.

Cantley brings out the best for you.

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