The Dumbest Thing You Could Actually Ever Tweet


Did you dudes see Amanda Bynes throughout Twitter? She really tweeted, “i’d like Drake to murder my snatch.”

Will you be kidding me? Do you ever dudes realize that what you post on Twitter or myspace is actually public information?

Think about it:

You meet somebody. You become enthusiastic about them. They aren’t addressing the means you need.

Then you think to yourself, “You know what, I’m going to tweet stuff. I’ll upload on Twitter. They are going to review my revisions, and they’re going to want to by themselves, ‘Yeah, I want to view this person much better, or I want to pay him more attention.'”

What you may put out there on public room can be seen by potential girlfriends. The greater number of you place available to you which is crazy, the greater amount of individuals are browsing think you’re crazy.


“You don’t want to give anyone ammunition

for one thing you probably did 2 yrs in the past.”

Your personal life is the private life.

If you prefer anything from somebody, you need to get and speak to them. If you like someone to transform their particular conduct, you will need to communicate with THESE.

You do not tweet it and also you do not Facebook it. You don’t place it available to choose from on any of these social networking sites.

When you have a concern with somebody you’re online dating, text them and arrange a personal dialogue. Sit down and communicate with all of them. You shouldn’t actually ever enter a text discussion.

Exactly Why? Because a text argument is generally kept, passed along and discovered somewhere once more.

The more you publish in public, the more possibility it’s going to come back to haunt you as time goes on.

Merely take a look at a few of the crazy shit a-listers like Amanda Bynes tend to be placing available to you! They’re just like you and me.

The thing is their unique tweets tend to be look over by seven million followers, and now the whole world knows Amanda Bynes’ snatch desires end up being murdered.

In most severity, keep every thing private and you should find yourself is really so much easier.

Remember, once you set this all stuff in public places, guess whom else can see it besides potential friends? Potential companies, potential mother-in-laws, potential father-in-laws, etc.

You dont want to make debate.

You don’t want to give anybody ammunition to gun you for something you did a couple of years back once you were intoxicated and pissed off at somebody.

I have constantly stated life is about dancing. Your last will come back to haunt you.

Within media-obsessed, Google-obsessed, Twitter- and Facebook-obsessed globe, it’s crazy to believe it’s not going to.

Perhaps you have men ever before uploaded everything or book anything that returned to haunt you? Inform me. I’d want to discover it.

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