Baseus 3 in1 micro USB / Type-C…


After 10 minutes of re-plugging in some random sequence – the cable “wound up”, the tester recorded that there was a charge, the reviewer breathed a sigh of relief. My wife needed a spare cable to charge her working iPad. 2. As usual, a short review was hung with measurements, pictures … but oh well. And literally after 10 minutes of testing, the cable stopped showing signs of life … more details under the cut. By the way, Ali comes across very good and useful ones, respect to everyone who spends at least a little time on a real review. 1. Episode two. Episode one. I took a bunch of pictures, all sorts of measurements (read below), naturally not from the first take … and at some point I decided to look "what’s the E-marker?", because the tester determined it. Can a cable go off the rails?

Turn on the PD trigger, the tester tries something there and voila. shows 9/12/20V, to celebrate, we choose 20V (what a trifle), the cable “falls off”, under the close attention of the missus, I start randomly clicking the buttons of the tester, replugging the cable, like it was planned like that … the wife directly drills with her eyes, but I feel sorry for the cable (after all, almost $ 3), and it seems that he promised not to spoil … in short, the bobby is dead and does not react to anything.

Baseus 3 in1 micro USB / Type-C / iPhone cable. how designers try, they draw such pictures as if there is a video card. Bought for $3.28 in October 2021 When I saw that I was taking a picture of the cable for review, I said “just don’t cut it, please” (well, you remember once or twice). I needed a cable with two micro USB to charge two wireless microphones. Therefore, I finish the prologue and move on to the second episode. I bought two, the first one was sent, the second one with a coupon on 11.11 (it turned out to be $2.79) was canceled, it’s a pity these "multi-tails" are convenient BUT. In principle, I already had all the photo material at that time, and this episode was supposed to be the last one, and then only meme titles like For the sake of interest, I bought such a miracle Yudo, it didn’t suit me according to the technical specification, so my wife used it. I wanted to quickly sketch out a brief review of the cable (well, what can I write?) from the category, as they usually write in reviews, they say I bought it, the cable is good, the seller is sociable, have not used it yet, I recommend it. So.

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