What is Yemen Sidr Honey? (Middle East's "Manuka Honey")
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Liquid Gold: Your Complete Guide to Yemen Sidr Honey (The Middle East’s “Manuka Honey”)

Curious about the Middle East’s famed “liquid gold”, Sidr honey’s time-honoured benefits?

This honey stands at the apex of the world’s honey, and has often been compared to New Zealand manuka honey’s benefits. 

When you’re choosing between the two, which should you pick? Let’s find out more about Sidr honey to answer your question. 

Read on to the end to understand more about Sidr honey benefits that have emerged through the centuries!

What Is Sidr Honey?

Sidr honey is monofloral honey made solely from the nectar of Sidr trees in Yemen. Sidr tree is used medicinally from bark to berries, and the antibacterial Sidr honey is expensive due to its wide medical uses in the Middle East.

Why Is Sidr Honey So Expensive?

Royal Yemen Sidr honey is the rarest and most expensive honey in the world, even more than manuka honey. Sidr honey is sought after because of its exquisite tastes, health benefits as natural medicine, and even as an aphrodisiac.

The demand for authentic Sidr Doan Yemeni honey from Yemen is so high that it is known to sell for as much as US$200 per kilo for summer honey and as much as US$1,000 per kilo. 

We’ll explain more below! 

Yemeni Sidr Honey vs New Zealand Manuka Honey

Sidr honey (known as Middle East’s manuka honey) is an established remedy in the Middle East for medical benefits and is far more potent than manuka honey. Genuine Manuka honey and Sidr honey are considered medical-grade honey because their medicinal benefits are far greater than that of your standard table honey.

Manuka honey is named after its pollen source, the manuka bush (or tea tree bush) in New Zealand. Likewise, Yemeni Sidr honey is named after its pollen source, the Sidr tree. While both are internationally renowned, Yemeni Royal Sidr honey is the ancient honey lauded in religious texts for its curative abilities.

Both Manuka honey and Sidr honey have antibacterial and antiseptic properties handed down to them from their mother plants. While the tea tree bush is widely known for its oil, the Sidr tree is used medicinally from bark to berry. Each part of the tree has a purpose in healing.

In addition to their many medicinal uses, Sidr berries are also extremely nutritious — something passed down to the honey as well, thanks to the rich soil in the region. Whether you use honey medicinally or nutritionally, you’ll get a superior product with a superior flavour.

Sidr honey in Yemen
Sidr Honey in Yemen
CharacteristicsYemen Sidr HoneyNew Zealand Manuka Honey
OriginSidr Tree in the desert regions of Middle Eastern countriesManuka Bush in remote parts of New Zealand
MouthfeelRich and luxuriousNot as smooth
SmellSimilar to wineEarthy and nutty smell
TasteSweet and buttery“Sharp” and mildly sweet taste. Colour and intensity increases as the UMF rises
ProductionAverage production per beehive is much lesserProduction is limited to 2-6 weeks yearly

Sidr Honey Cures Sinus Infections and MRSA Better Than Antibiotics

Nowadays, people take prescription medication for sinus infections, but do you know that Sidr honey effectively kills Staphylococcus aureus, the bacterium responsible for respiratory infections?

Honey has several antibacterial agents that work on staph infections, whether inside or outside of the body. Simply soften a small amount and dissolve it in your saline nasal wash.

Even when Yemeni Sidr honey, Doan Hadramaut, is diluted thinly, it retains powerful antibacterial agents that will help you fight away the infection and get you breathing easier. You can add this to your normal diet for a boost in nutrition! Our pills-popping way has caused some drug-resistant bacteria – the MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus).

This bacterium, the same responsible for sinus infections, can become lethal when mutated to resist medication. For an MRSA patient, surgery is required to remove the infected tissue, followed up by powerful antibiotics with side effects that can cause major health problems of their own. The antibiotic agents have been shown to effectively fight MRSA.

Royal Yemeni Sidr honey was shown to be the best at killing the MRSA bacterium, even better than manuka honey. When applied directly to the infection, Sidr honey bypasses MRSA’s protective coatings – something standard antibiotics are unable to do. 

Sidr Honey Treats MRSA Better Than Manuka Honey

The University of Ottowa performed a study to determine the effects of Sidr and manuka honey on MRSA bacteria.

The result showed that Sidr honey had a 73% effectiveness in eliminating the bacteria, while manuka had 63% effectiveness. 

Acne, Skin Infection, Cosmetic Beauty Improvement

Given Sidr honey’s powerful antibacterial properties, it can also fight infections from standard injuries such as paper cuts, skinned knees, or even bacterial acne.
Since it also contains powerful antifungal agents, it could also be used to treat common fungal infections such as athlete’s foot or ringworm. Simply apply it as a compress and let it work its magic. It may even be used topically to get rid of lice and dandruff.
Manuka Honey Sidr Acne Face Mask
Manuka Honey Sidr Acne Face Mask

Yemeni Doan Hadramaut Sidr Honey also helps in looking youthful and beautiful! It’s the most effective and natural remedy for chronic and cystic acne, given that it effectively targets the harmful micro-organisms that are responsible for blackheads, whiteheads, boils, and other blemishes.

A topical paste can be created by mixing this honey with ground cinnamon. This paste can then be applied to the affected area, worn overnight, and washed off in the morning. You can have noticeable and lasting results within just two weeks.

Live Probiotics For Gastric Ailments

All of us have natural bacteria in our gut to help us digest food. When you suffer gastrointestinal ailments, the culprit is often not at an optimal level. In order to balance intestinal flora, your doctor might suggest taking probiotics.

Like with vitamins, probiotics – a cocktail of beneficial bacteria – are most effective and best assimilated when acquired from food instead of a pill.

Yemeni Sidr honey contains live probiotic cultures that are highly bioavailable, meaning they get into your system and start working fast.

If your doctor has recommended probiotics for intestinal ailments, the sweeter and more effective option is Yemeni Sidr honey. Some common drinks we take for probiotics are Yakult/ Vitagen.

You can read more about health benefits of prebiotics and probiotics here.

Sidr Honey Has Cancer-fighting Antioxidants

For many generations, people have been using Sidr tree products for all kinds of ailments. Over the years, stories of miraculous cancer recoveries have been dismissed by doctors who said it was impossible. But new stories of cancer recoveries are told every day, and now scientists are taking note.

While there are still no definitive answers on why Yemeni Sidr honey seems to help patients recover from cancer, scientists have some ideas.

In recent years, Sidr honey’s high antioxidant content has been noted. Antioxidants prevent cell damage inside the body by fighting free radicals: agents that damage cells, sometimes resulting in cancer.

While scientists have not pinpointed whether or not the powerful antioxidants in Yemeni Sidr honey fight cancer, it makes sense that they could. At the very least, adding it to your diet can improve cell health, which may also help your overall prognosis.

Additionally, considering the superior nutrient content, the boost in nutrition alone can help your body fight off illness.

With so many beneficial uses, it may be a good idea to stock your kitchen or medicinal cabinet with a few jars. It’s an amazing nutritional supplement, sweetener, and medicine.

The quality, properties, and usefulness of Yemeni Sidr honey truly prove it to be the finest honey in the world.

Little Honey brand of Sidr honey
Yemen Sidr Holy Honey

A Natural Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction/Reproductive Issues

Many pills and conventional remedies for sexual dysfunction can adversely impact heart health and entail a range of unpleasant side effects.  Among the many benefits of Yemeni Sidr honey, however, is the ability to assist males in achieving an erection naturally.

This is a powerful aphrodisiac, especially when mixed with cumin, ginseng, olive oil or carrot seeds.  It also helps to facilitate regular menstruation and aids in conception, making it good for both men and women to include in their diets. You can incorporate it into your daily diet, such as with toast or as a honey drink once or twice daily.

Improve Your Immune System

Disease prevention is one of its key health benefits. As a dietary supplement, this honey is great for bolstering and strengthening the human immune system.  Studies have shown that it’s one of the most effective ways to fight off influenza during times of high exposure.

Given that this honey is rich in antioxidants and contains inherent antiseptic properties, it’s the ideal defence against invasive organisms. Regular use helps to improve your body’s capability in fighting off fungi, bacteria, and viruses.

These are just a few of the many benefits of Yemeni Sidr honey.  This honey is also great for staving off the aesthetic, physical, and mental effects of ageing.  Seniors can include small amounts of this honey in their diets to alleviate arthritis pain, bolster their brain health, protect their hearts, and preserve mobility.

This wonderful and highly potent product holds something for nearly every member of the family, and thus, it more than lives up to its reputation as a natural cure-all.

Many families love this because of the health benefits to both children and parents! Buy Yemeni Sidr Honey instead of junk food snacks =)



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    1. Thank you. We actually do not claim that it can prevent cancer and heart disease. We are simply reporting the facts that there are studies that suggest it could prevent such diseases. These studies currently are not run at a large enough scale to prove that it does have these beneficial effects.

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