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Summer Honey Bee Pollen 100g

Summer Honey Bee Pollen 100g

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  • Helps to increase energy levels and stamina
  • Great Brain Booster
  • Lifts brain fatigue
  • Improves alertness
  • Helps concentration levels

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Are you looking for a superfood which can help to boost your brain? Lift your brain fatigue? Help to improve your alertness?




Bee pollen is a natural bee product. It is described as Nature’s ‘perfect food’.

Bee pollen is now dubbed as a new superfood as it contains a balance of vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, enzymes, and essential amino acids,” explains Zoe. It isn’t the same as royal jelly or propolis though, which are thought to have slightly different therapeutic benefits.

It is a ball or pellet of flower pollen gathered and packed within honeycomb cells by worker bees to become ‘bee bread’. It is also the primary food source for the bees within the colony.  The Greek philosophers saw in bee pollen as a secret of youth, and the original Olympic athletes used it to help increase their energy levels and stamina.

Bee pollen is an all-rounded wonder food and has almost all of the nutrients required for the human body to thrive. It is a complete source of protein, containing all 22 amino acids; and is rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and anti-oxidants. Which is renowned as an immune system and brain booster and even works well as a weight management supplement.

It is rich in vitamins – especially B vitamins. It also contains beta carotene, vitamin C, vitamin E, lycopene, selenium, and flavonoids. Then there are the trace minerals, and a rich mix of amino acids and enzymes. The basic composition of bee pollen is 55% carbohydrate (the energy-giving nutrient), 35% protein, 2% fatty acids and 3% vitamins and minerals.Most bee pollen supplements also contain related bee pollen components – propolis, royal jelly and globulinic acid.

It can be eaten raw or can be added to your favourite cereals, smoothies, yogurt or hot drink. There are no set dosages for Bee Pollen but 1-2 teaspoons is a recommended daily dose to help improve the overall health.

Bee Pollen should also be avoided by those who are diabetic.

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    lots of bubble wrap to prevent denting. thanks, been eating for a week.

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