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Fish Oil Benefits, Side Effects, Dosage, Reviews – Do I take with lecithin soyabean?


Fish oil supplements are very popular with both adults and kids, and there is even fish oil for dogs. Fish oil supplements can come in liquid, capsule, or pill form.

What is fish oil and fish oil supplement?

Fish oil is fat or oil that is extracted from fish tissue and contains healthy Omega 3 fatty acid. Fish oil is usually extracted from oily fish (or fatty fish that has lots of fat tissues) such as

  • herrings
  • tuna
  • anchovies
  • salmon
  • livers of certain fish, such as codfish (cod liver oil)

Doctors and dieticians recommend eating at least 1-2 portions of fish weekly so that we can absorb the benefits of fish, but if you do not eat fish often, you can take fish oil supplements that contain the fatty omega 3. This Omega 3 from fish (known as EPA or eicosapentaenoic acid and DHA or docosahexaenoic acid) have more health benefits than Omega 3 from plants (mostly ALA or alpha-linolenic acid). EPA and DHA have many more health benefits than plant-based omega-3.

Many of us are aware of popular liquid fish oil like Scott’s Emulsion, and many other different brands of different type of fish oils, like salmon oil, cod oil, etc. So what are the main benefits of fish oils?

What are the benefits of fish oil or omega 3?

There are numerous studies on the great benefits of eating fish oils that are rich in Omega 3. Here is a summary

  1. heart health to prevent heart diseases
  2. improve brain functions
  3. support weight loss
  4. support bone strength
  5. helps in eye health
  6. improve healthy skin
  7. support pregnancy
  8. helps in infant, toddler, and children growth
  9. Reduce asthma and allergy risks  for children and infants in pregnant women
  10. improve the attention and behavior of hyperactivity in children
  11. aids in reducing inflammation
  12. reduce symptoms of depression
  13. reduce mental aging and decline
Salmon fish oil- fish swimming up waterfall

Salmon fish oil- fish swimming up waterfall

Let us explain the details of these benefits in future updates (currently dated 19 Nov 2020).

1. Heart Health

Fish oil is so strongly recognised to benefit heart health because it

  • increase good HDL cholesterol,
  • lower triglycerides by 15-30%,
  • reduce blood pressure in people suffering from high blood pressure
  • prevent plaques in arteries to harden and
  • reduce fatal arrhythmia events (abnormal heart beat that can cause heart attacks)

What do I eat with fish oils?

Lecithin from soya beans is known to increase the absorption of good Omega 3 from fatty acid (lecithin study in 2016) so it is popular to eat fish oil supplements with lecithin supplements.

As lecithin has its own health benefits such as improving mental brain function and memory abilities, many adults do take fish oil supplements with lecithin. (lecithin studies)

What is lecithin? And why do I eat lecithin with fish oil?

Lecithin is a fatty acid found in vegetable oil such as soybean. It is essential to every living cells in the body. It is a liquid with mostly Choline, but also includes Inositol, Phosphorus, and Linoleic Acid.

Lecithin may help protect against certain cardiovascular problems, improve brain function, help keep the liver and kidneys healthy, and may help prevent arteriosclerosis.

It contains Choline, needed to produce the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, supports healthy memory, brain function, and nerve function.

Do note that excessive lecithin consumption is bad for you too, so follow the dosage instruction of your supplement.


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